Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Mirror of Erised from Harry Potter

The Mirror was Erised is a mirror that is unlike any other mirror. When someone looks into this mirror, they see the desires of their heart. When Harry looked into the mirror of Erised, he saw his parents smiling and waving to him. This is what he had always desired, for his parents had died when he was just a baby.

If I were to look into the mirror of Erised, I believe that I would see quite a few different things. First and foremost, I beleive that I would see a cross, because my desire is to live my faith in Jesus Christ-to live each day to praise him and fall more in love with Him. Yes, many times a day I fail at this, but this is truly the desire of my heart. I would also see the word "Love", because I hope to love all those around me. My family, friends, classmates, and above all, the Lord. But the word "Love" also represents my desire to fall in love someday and be married.
I believe that I would also see children from all around the world smiling and waving at me, for I have a strong desire to adopt children from all around the world who may not have a loving home. Or if I can not adopt, I hope that I can travel to where hurting children are and just love on them!

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Heather Heath said...

I can tell that you have a huge heart! The world needs more caring and loving people like you! I hope you are successful in everything that you attempt!