Sunday, April 20, 2008


Hopscotch Love: A Family Treasury of Love Poems
Written by Nikki Grimes
Lothrop, Lee, & Shepard Books, 1999
Poetry, K-2

Christmas Valentine

I asked Mama
What she wanted
For Christmas
“Honey,” she said
“All I want is you.”
But I’m way too big
To fit under the tree
So, when she
Wasn’t looking
I snuck into
Her sewing room
For scraps of velvet,
Gold ribbon, and lace.
And got my tracing paper
From out of my desk
And grabbed the glue.
Then two days later
I gave Mama
Her very first
Christmas valentine.
I’d pasted my picture
Smack in the middle.
And I could swear a little tear
Ran down her cheek
When I said,
“Merry Christmas, Mama.”

This poem is so sweet and I believe that students could relate to this poem because all children enjoying creating masterpieces for their loved ones.
Nikki Grime’s collection of poems are truly unique and as she says, “Most of my material derives from a lifelong discipline of observing people around me, both young and old.”
The image that this poem creates is one of love and determination. Readers can just imagine the young child creating the Christmas Valentine with a determined look on his/her face. Readers can also imagine the tear that falls down the Mother’s face. The form of the poem affects the look of the poem, the readers’ progress through them, and the emphasis given to some of the words. The form of this poem is similar to that of a list, which leads students to have to read one line at a time, making it easier for students who may be beginner readers. I also believe that this poem offers insight, leading students to say, “Yes! That’s it!” Readers can see how special and meaningful it is to make a card or note for someone who they deeply care about.

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